CPSIA Certificates of Compliance

This web page is intended solely for distributors and customers who purchase Reckitt products for subsequent retail sale. Consumers who need information about Reckitt Benckiser products should visit our public website at www.reckitt.com.

CPSIA Requirements

Under Section 102 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) (15 U.S.C. Sec 2063(g)) some of the products distributed by Reckitt in the United States may require a Certificate of Compliance. This Certificate states that the product complies with certain regulations promulgated by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and provides other required information.

At the link below a Certificate of Compliance is available for download that covers all Reckitt products that currently require a Certificate of Compliance under the CPSIA.

Not all Reckitt products are included in the Certificate of Compliance. If a product is not listed, it is not subject to an applicable CPSC regulation and a Certificate of Compliance is not required.

This website address may appear on shipping documents related to products distributed by Reckitt. That reference does not necessarily mean that any or all of the products in that shipment are subjected to the CPSIA.

This list may change and Reckitt reserves the right to update this list at any time.

How to Read the Certificate of Compliance

The Certificate of Compliance includes the name of the product and the reference to any applicable CPSC regulation(s). If a regulation is listed beside a product that product is in compliance with that regulation. All other information required by the CPSIA is available on this web page or on the product label.

Date and Location of Manufacture

The date and location of manufacture of a product can be determined by the lot code printed on each consumer unit. Each lot code consists of one or two letters followed by four or more digits. The letters represent the plant where the product was manufactured. The first number after that letter represents the last digit of the year it was manufactured. The subsequent three digits represent the day of the year the product was manufactured. Each day in a year is consecutively numbered. The number "001" represents 1 January and the number "365" represents 31 December in a non-leap year. Other digits may follow the date but are not relevant.

The first one or two letters on a lot code corresponds to the following Reckitt facilities:

  • "B" refers to Brandon, Mississippi or Belle Mead, New Jersey. For dishwashing products and Rid-X® brand products, the "B" refers to Brandon, Mississippi. For all other products, the "B" refers to Bell Mead, New Jersey.
  • "EM" refers to Hermosillo, Mexico.
  • "KG" refers to Gainsville, Georgia.
  • "N" refers to Nowy Dwor, Poland.
  • "RI" refers to Cumberland, Rhode Island.
  • "S" refers to Saint Peters, Missouri.
  • "TL" refers to Long Gang, Shenzhen, China.

Please note that in some cases the digit representing the year may consist of two numbers rather than just one. In that case either "08" or "8" refers to the year 2008.

Example: A package of Electrasol® dishwashing detergent bears the following lot code: B810515. The "B" refers to the Reckitt facility in Brandon, Mississippi. The "8" refers to 2008. The 105 refers to the 105th day of that year, or 14 April. The remaining digits are not relevant to the date or place of manufacture.

Product Testing Information

Reckitt does not list specific test dates for the products in its Certificate of Compliance because the company relies on a continuous testing and product evaluation program. We cannot reference a particular date that any single product was tested as multiple evaluations are conducted over the course of product development and manufacture.

Reckitt conducts an exhaustive product safety evaluation of all of its products prior to manufacture or distribution of that product. Tests required to evaluate the efficacy of any child resistant closure are conducted during the package development phase. Other tests that address the safety and efficacy of our products are conducted repeatedly during and after the development of a product.

For information about specific testing questions, please refer to the General Contact Address below.

General Contact Address

Any general questions, information and correspondence regarding Reckitt products should be addressed to the following address. Applicable test records, if any, are also kept at this address. If your correspondence is in reference to the CPSIA Certificates of Compliance or this website, please make that point clear in all communication:

Reckitt Benckiser LLC
Attn: Consumer Relations
Parsippany, NJ 07054-0224
Tel: +1-800-228-4722

Certificate of Compliance Link

Reckitt CPSIA Certification List (pdf file)

PPPA — General Certificate of Conformity

Mucinex and Delsym Blisters (pdf file)
Mucinex Nasal Spray (pdf file)
Mucinex and Delsym Liquids England (pdf file)
Mucinex and Delsym Liquids Mexico (pdf file)
KY Duration Spray (pdf file)

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view pdf files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer you can download it for free at the Adobe website (when you click the following link you will be redirected to a third-part website not affiliated with Reckitt Benckiser): Adobe Acrobat Reader®


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