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The Making of RBNAinfo

Collection of RB products

What is this site all about?

Since 2009, a devoted team has been hard at work behind the scenes developing and creating the RB North America Product Information website (www.rbnainfo.com). Our vision was to make it a place where anyone could go to learn and acquire all the technical information about our products to be assured of their safety and efficacy.

Here you will be able to find all the ingredients that are added to each RB product and the function of those ingredients. We are also working on new enhancements to provide information on how these ingredients do what they do. And, for those who need very detailed safety information about our products, you will be able to obtain a Safety Data Sheet (or SDS for short).

Just like your favorite store...one stop shopping for all your needs!

Why are we doing this?

The health and welfare of our consumers is always our first priority. This site was developed to enable you to be able to have all the information about our products that you need. Just like you know what is inside the food products you eat and the cosmetic products you use, we believe it is equally important for you to know about what's inside the other products in your home. We are actively working on being completely transparent with our customers.

How are we doing this?

This website will serve as the primary technical information source for all of RB's US and Canadian products. Here is glimpse of what you will find already and a preview of coming attractions:

Already Complete

  • Information on all RB's Household and Personal Care products for the US and Canada
  • Links from each of the individual RB Brand websites to this webpage
  • Several different ways to search for the product you want to know about
  • Technical information on each product
    • Full ingredient list, in order of its decreasing weight percentage in the formula
    • Full disclosure of dyes and preservatives
    • Function of each ingredient
    • Safety Data Sheet, for those needing extra safety information about the product
    • All the sizes and other scents available for your favorite product
  • A section on the science and composition of our fragrances
  • A section on "Our Responsibility" covering our behind the scenes projects, programs, practices, and policies.
  • Links to our favorite websites to obtain further information, including
    • RB brand sites to obtain all the latest news and information about your favorite brands
    • Informational websites that we even frequently visit to stay up to date!

Coming Soon!

  • A separate home page for the US and Canada
    • Choice of English or Spanish for US consumers
    • Choice of English or French for Canadian consumers
  • A new smartphone app called SmartLabel™ will also be incorporated into the website in order to provide consumers with information found on this website for quick, easy access on the go. These tools will allow you to have all the information you are seeking right at your fingertips.

Is this the only place you can get information?

In addition to the website, all the above information will be available through our toll-free consumer hotline and eventually the SmartLabel™ app.

The Safety Data Sheets will continue to be made available for download from this site or delivery via e-mail or fax.

So wherever or however you need the info, we will do our very best to make sure you receive it!

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